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Abdominal Model

This advanced abdominal model is designed for realistic simulation procedures. Crafted with durable, skin-safe silicone, it can be used on a manikin or worn by a standardized patient, providing a versatile tool for medical training.

1x Abdominal model base

Inferior vena cava (IVC)

  • Embedded  bloodline  


  • Embedded  bloodline  



Spleen [optional]

Large and small bowel with omentum - 

  • Additional  abnormal appendix


  • Added tubing for fluid insertion

2x Abdominal skin with velcro attachment

1x Repair kit

1x Travel case


35cm x 45cm


10.5kg + + 2.5kg Travel case


Skin safe Silicone, Silicone & plastic tubing

 ?Oh wow, this is very realistic? ? Prof. I. Civil, surgeon Auckland hospital

Care instructions:

  • Do not use sugar based fake blood as any residue could cause mold in the silicone.

  • The model can be washed under the hot tap and cleaned with alcohol if needed.

  • Dry with a soft towel and hairdryer before storing away.

  • If the silicone becomes shiny or oily, wipe with Iso alcohol and powder off with baby powder.

  • Models can be repaired with the FX Silicone Repair Kit. 

MEDICFX guarantees that all products supplied will uphold high standards of quality and will adequately serve the purpose(s) as specified in their descriptions. In the unlikely event of a product being faulty or damaged upon receipt, the customer must notify MEDICFX within one week, including a photo of the damage as evidence. If it is determined that the fault or damage was due to manufacturing, MEDICFX commits to either repair, replace, or refund the faulty product according to the customer's preference.

Furthermore, MEDICFX provides a six-month warranty specifically for the silicone parts of your model. Under normal, gentle usage, no rips or tears should occur. Please note, however, that the hairwork on our models is not covered under this warranty.

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