How to use glue-on appliances.

1- Choose an appliance in the right size and skin colour.
Especially if the appliance is being used on the same actor or manikin it pays to have the
correct skin tone. Appliances can be ordered custom made in the right size and skin tone.

2- Fit the appliance on the spot where you want to apply it. Clean the skin with some alcohol.
There are different products to attach the appliance to the skin, depending on the usage.
The appliance can be glued with:

-GelFX , a medicFX gelatine product. This is the easiest way to attach the appliance,
but its not very durable. Heat the GelFX in the microwave for 5 to 10 seconds.
With a brush or lolly stick apply the GelFX to the back of the wound and press it to the skin.
(Mind GelFX can be hot) Use more GelFX to blend the wound into the skin.
This application method is great for photo work or on manikins, not for use in the field.
It is easy to remove and cleaned with hot water.

- Pros-aide cream, a bodysafe glue. Apply a thin layer of pros-aide on the skin as well as on
the back of the appliance. Let it dry till transparent. Press the appliance onto the skin and
press down all the edges. With large appliances it is better to leave the edges un- glued
initially to prevent the edges to glue to itself. Blend the edges with some more cream.
This method is recommended for appliances that do not get treated with sticky bandages.
To remove just peel of the appliance and clean the skin with pros-aide remover.

- Telesis a film used glue. For the sturdiest application apply Telesis to both skin and back of
wound. Press the wound onto the skin and let it set to dry.
For competition strong application you can order a mesh backing to the appliances which
gives a better attachment overall.
To remove use Telesis remover on skin and appliance.

- Silicone applicator gun. This method gives a good adherence and is easy to apply. Just
attach a mixing nozzle to the cartridge and add a dollop of silicone on the skin.
Spread it out with a lolly stick and press the appliance in the silicone. Blend the edges also
with some silicone. This method is only for light to medium treatment.
To remove ..just peel off. As the silicone cannot be washed off, the appliance will get thicker
overtime and the edges will not be blendable anymore.

3- If wanted a piece of tubing can be placed under the appliance. Make an opening in the silicone
where the blood needs to appear and feed the tube through. Secure the bloodline with tape to
the back of the appliance where it can be attached to a blood pump or syringe system.
All appliances can be ordered with bloodlines.

4- MedicFX silicone appliances can be coloured with grease or alcohol paints. These paints will
not stay permanently and can be washed off. It is not advisable to change the skin colour of
the appliance but bruising or dirt can be applied.

5- Blood can be added to the appliance. Waterbased blood tends to bead up on the silicone.
Special silicone blood can be ordered that will adhere better to the surface. This blood is more
expensive but gives a more realistic result.

6- After use, take off the appliance according the method used to glue it. Clean with the right
products and wash it under a lukewarm tap. Dry with cloth or paper towel.
Lightly powder the appliance with baby or talcum powder before storing it in plastic box
or bag. Store in a dark place away from sunlight.

7- If treated right MedicFX glue-on appliances will last a long time. They are all made with sturdy
silicone that wont break or tear. With extended usage normal wear and tear occurs.
Larger appliances can be repaired and repainted. (see ‘how to repair your silicone appliance’)