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MEDICFX is New Zealand's premier casualty and simulation device company

Specialising in highly realistic silicone, educational devices for Sim labs, Army and Navy, First Responders, Accident and emergency departments and in-house training in Hospitals.  
MEDICFX was launched in 2016 when we realised that there was a great demand for more realistic casualty simulation and moulage appliances.  We decided to create realistic, affordable and durable simulation appliances to help professionals and trainees to focus on the scenario; without having to use their imagination too much.

Our FX Studio is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and is fronted by Nicole Heydenrijk.

Nicole has been in the SFX make-up industry over 30 years, creating bespoke FX products and working in film and TV...and yes, we have worked on Lord Of The Rings!

We have a team of FX artists working full time in our studio and we are able to cater for large orders. 

We ship internationally and we have had the pleasure sending our products to esteemed Universities and hospitals in the US, Russia, Australia and China, Denmark, Portugal, The Netherlands, Canada, Taiwan and Singapore.We have distributors in Australia, Taiwan and China.

Our mother company BODYFX has been running since 2001 and creates FX for film and TV as well as managing a retail shop for make-up products.

We are looking forward working with you on
'Creating more Realism in Medical Simulation'