Made to order | Made in New Zealand | By SPFX artists


MP019 Sheet Baby Wounds

Our stick-on wounds are of high-quality silicone, fast & practical, and very realistic.

  • self-adhesive, but for an even better adherence apply with FX glue gel.
  • easy to apply and remove without leaving residue 
  • re-usable many times over
  • washable with warm water 

This sheet contains : 2 bite wounds, 1 cat scratch, 1 bruise, 1 hematoma, 1 cut, 1 scalding burn and a strawberry birthmark

Add blood, pus, fx make-up, dirt, and soot where needed.

After cleaning and drying place the wounds back on the plastic sheet, store in a dark and cool place.

For more application information check out our How-To page.