Made to order | Made in New Zealand | By SPFX artists



These very realistic looking wounds are created to increase fidelity in trauma related simulations. They are used by first respondents, fire departments, hospitals, nursing homes and schools.

All these appliances are made with skin like silicon with a mesh backing to prevent tearing. They have Velcro attachment and soft Velcro backing material to ensure the appliances fit a large number of sizes and placements. There are 3 different colours to choose from: light, tan, dark and mix colour. The tan color is the most common used on arms legs and faces for Caucasian models.

On request we recently changed the backing velcro material from beige to black so blood stains are less visible and also the attachment of the velcro is now under the appliance to have less wear and tear on the mesh. The changes are not on all the appliances yet. If you prefer the old or the new appliances please let me know. If no preference is given the order will be send out with what is in stock.