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How to use MEDICFX Strap-on wounds


1- choose an appliance in the right size and skin colour.
Especially if the appliance is being used on the same actor or manikin it pays to have the correct skin tone. Appliances can be ordered custom made in the right size and skin tone.

2- Fit the appliance around the chosen limb. It can be stretched over hand or foot and should fit snug. 

3- MEDICFX silicone appliances can be coloured with grease or alcohol paints. These paints will not stay permanently and can be removed. It is not advisable to change the skin colour of the appliance but bruising or dirt can be applied.

4- Blood can be added to the appliance. Waterbased blood tends to bead up on the silicone.

5- The appliances can be treated as the real wounds they simulate. They can be taped, bandaged and cleaned with warm/ cold water and alcohol. Some wounds can also be cut open and sutured back together when they have a mesh backing.

6- After use, take off the appliance and wash it under a lukewarm tap. Dry with cloth or paper towel and a hairdryer for deeper, difficult to reach areas. Lightly powder the appliance with baby or talcum powder before storing it in plastic box or bag.
Store in a dark, cool place.

7- If treated right MedicFX appliances will last many exercises. They are all made with sturdy silicone that wont break or tear. With extended usage normal wear and tear occurs.

Larger appliances can be repaired and repainted. (see ‘how to repair your silicone appliance’)