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Introducing our Lifelike Silicone Sim Baby Collection, a meticulously crafted range of newborns designed to provide realistic training experiences for medical professionals. Our diverse selection includes birthing babies :Nina, Rohan, Jono, Toby, Aiden, Lara and Lulu in several skin tones, each uniquely crafted with exceptional attention to detail. Constructed from high-quality platinum silicone, these babies offer unparalleled realism, simulating the feel of real newborn skin.
Our Sim Babies are specially designed to be flexible, durable, and suitable for various medical training scenarios, including C-sections, vaginal births, intubation, and ventilation. They also offer realistic features such as umbilical cord stumps with bloodlines, visible chest rise, and the ability to take blood samples.

Our specialist babies are specially designed for surgical simulations, or specialized treatment training.

Baby Oliver and preemies Libby and Patrick are surgical sim babies offering removable organs and belly skin replacements. The skins can be repaired and re-used many times. A repair kit is complimentary.

Each Sim Baby comes with a comprehensive set of accessories, including bodysuits, pacifiers, soft wraps, hats, care kits with shampoo and baby powder, and storage solutions. Care instructions are provided to ensure the longevity and quality of your Sim Baby.

Please note that all our babies are handmade, which may result in small imperfections and slight variations from the images displayed on our webshop. MEDICFX offers a 6-month warranty on the silicone parts of the models, ensuring that you receive a product of the highest quality. Enhance your medical training experience with our incredibly lifelike Silicone Sim Baby Collection.