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Revamp and re-use your old manikins.

Revamp and reuse!

In simulation, realism is currently on the rise. It's amazing that manikins and devices are becoming more realistic looking. It is crucial to practise with utmost realism so that when the time comes to assist real patients, we won't be searching for plastic organs or brilliant blue veins.

What should we do with the outdated manikins with the plastic faces if we desire more realism? The high fidelity models, which are fully functional but lack realism? Do we throw them away, store them in a closet, and purchase more pricey, realistic models instead?

At MedicFX we revamp the old plastic models with the hairless faces, and unused cavities. We pull them out of the storage and give them a brand new life with multiple face options, abdominal organs, amputated legs and arms, female or geriatric torsos, pregnant bellies and much more.

These older manikins are altered into birthing or c-section models with a female face and breasts, a critical burn victim or an elderly patient who needs a tumour removed. Changes can be made fast and easy, allowing multiple scenarios in one day.

What's even more exciting is that these modifications can be produced for a far lower price than brand-new manikins, which still only have one face and cannot be transformed into different scenarios.

Being sustainable and reusable is crucial in these austere times, particularly in the expensive medical sector.

We highly recommend you to use your older SimMan, ALS, Hal or other manikin to your advantage and use MEDICFX products to make him or her usable again for multiple super realistic training options. Our products are made with high quality silicone and are painted by our artists to create the most realistic look and feel.

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