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This torso was originally designed and made for military simulation purposes. It can be worn by manikins and standard patients alike. It is made with full silicone and has a mesh backing to prevent tearing.

The torso is designed for a trauma manikin like crash Kelly, ALS or similar smaller manikins. It works well with clothing to cover the sides and back.

How to use the torso:

  • for people it is best to wear a cotton singlet under the torso. With manikins it can be used straight on the body.
  • use the longest velcro strap to connect the sides at the back .
  • The shorter straps connect the shoulders with the back strap.
  • Wear trousers/ shorts over the torso and a shirt to cover back and arms.
  • Blood and dirt can be added where needed. Mix blood with some liquid soap to prevent beading up.
  • GelFX can be used to enhance wounds or to create more wounds.

This product includes:

  • The torso
  • Velcro straps
  • 100 gram GelFX


When purchased a face overlay with this torso the neck part of the face can be cut to fit the torso.

Extra wounds on face or torso can be added with our stick-on sheets. MP001 till MP018.

The Torsos can be ordered in different skin colours or with different kind of trauma.

Cleaning and repair:

To clean just takeoff the velcro straps and rinse the torso under the tap with warm water and soap if needed. Dry the torso thoroughly before storing away in a dust free place.

Silicone can get a bit oily . If that happens just wipe the product with some isopropyl alcohol and powder it of with translucent powder.

Silicone is a sturdy material that can last a long time. Most issues can easily be repaired with a repair kit.