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Nursing Nipple

Breast cover with large nipple made with high quality silicone.

The cover can be used as a training devise for nurses and midwives. Use it to demonstrate changes in size and color during pregnancy and nursing and practice how to position a baby for breastfeeding in a safe and easy way.

The covers can also be used on birthing simulators / manikins to enhance reality in training.

 Choose the stick-on version if you like to stick it on skin or skin colored bra. These covers stick by themselves or can be glued with FX glue gel for more permanent adhesion. 

Choose the clip-on if you want to clip it to a singlet or shirt  pocket. These covers have a clip at the back that can be fastened on fabric.


The covers can be powdered with baby powder when oily/ shiny, but avoid powder on sticky backs as this will prevent sticking in future use.

After use wash the appliance (if needed) dry thoroughly and store away in the cover.


The nipples can be used together with our newborn babies: Natalie, Rohan and Toby