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This is a full silicone trainer for cleaning and dressing a septic ulcer. 

Contents of the luxe version:

  • Training stump
  • 50 ml Squirt blood 
  • Silicone pus gel
  • FXPus & Flesh
  • Maggots, shrapnel, silicon glass, foam dirt
  • 2 alcohol swabs and syringe

Instructions for use:

To set up, place the stump on a flat smooth surface, it will stick and stay put.

Some silicone pus is already applied to the wound and in the tunneling.

The wound can be changed with the FX flesh&pus and all other contaminants.

Mix some of the blood with liquid soap and water.

Fill the syringe with the blood and connect to the bloodline, put some pressure on to squirt it in the wound.

Now it’s ready to use for training.

With the swab carefully remove the pus and contaminated bits from the wound.

When the bloodline is cleared the wound will start bleeding and the wound is ready to be dressed. Mind that tape does not stick very well on silicone.

The scraped out pus and the FX flesh&plus (reheated in the microwave only 5 to 10 seconds) can be re- used inside the wound for the next training.

The basic version is just the training stump.