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This is a full silicone trainer for cleaning and dressing a septic ulcer. 
The pus and decayed flesh can be removed with a swab or spatula.
The wound can be washed out with warm water or other cleaning products and be dressed. 
After the training the scooped out pus can be heated in the microwave for 5 seconds and the matter can be replaced in the wound.
You can choose to use more or less pus and/ or make it softer by adding more glycerin to the mix. This trainer can be used for many training sessions. 
The luxe version of this trainer comes in a hard plastic carry box with Fx pus gel ,FXpus&flesh gel. Blood and syringe, bags with glass, maggots, schrapnel and dirt to cover a great number of options with the trainer. A thin bloodline is embedded and can be attached to the syringe or other blood pump.