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MT830 Trauma wound packing shoulder

This full silicone super realistic training shoulder is designed for first aide and military training and can be customized to your specific needs.

It is a freestanding table model with embedded bloodlines that can be operated separately per wound or simultaneously by connecting the lines.

Choose 3 out of 6 wound types: 

  • Deep explosion wound with or without bone fragments
  • Open shoulder fracture
  • Deep cut wound with embedded shrapnel
  • Deep narrow wound with embedded bullet
  • Wide shot wound  with lots of embedded pellets
  • Bullet wound with entrance and exit wound on either side

Send specifications per email when ordering this item.

Care instructions:

Blood and bruising can be added to the model. Add some liquid soap to any blood to keep it from beading up on the silicone. It can be washed off under the tap after the training. 

Make sure all blood is removed from the blood tubes and avoid the use of sweet syrup based blood. 

Any unintended damage to the model can be fixed with a silicone repair kit (sold separately)