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Choose between 3 different options to enhance training scenarios of a compartment syndrome. For this model a lower leg of the manikin has to be submitted for enhancement.

The leg has a replaceable skin that can be cut to release pressure on the muscles. There is a blood tube embedded  in between the muscle tissue.

Full scenarios and information about the performance of this model is available from NetworkZ in Auckland.

How to use the leg:

Take off the (lower) leg from the SimMan and replace it with the model.  Place the thin membran over teh muscles and carefully push the sides under the leg opening. Powder the inside of the leg skin and carefully stretch it over the muscles. The skin can be cut open to reach the muscles.

What is included:

  • an opening in the lower leg filled with muscle tissue Tibia and fibular bones and blood tube.
  • 10 membranes to cover the muscles
  • 5 extra leg skins
  • a repair kit with instructions


  • Instead of a lower leg you can also order a full leg to be connected to the hip of the SimMan.
  • Severe trauma or burns can be added to the leg for a more realistic in situ scenario



After the training session the leg can be washed with warm soapy water, dried with a towel or hairdryer and stored in a dust-free place. The cut skins can be repaired with the repair kit.