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Choose between 3 different options to enhance training scenarios of a compartment syndrome. This model can replace the lower leg of the 3G SimMan. The leg has a replaceable skin that can be cut to release pressure on the muscles. There is a tube embedded that can be used to pump up the muscles with air or in a different way to form a bleeding vessel in between the muscle tissue.

Full scenarios and information about the performance of this model is available from NetworkZ in Auckland.

How to use the leg:

Take off the (lower) leg from the Simman and replace it with the chosen model. The skin can be cut open to reach the muscles

what is included:

  • a lower leg with muscles and bones
  • 10 membranes to cover the muscles
  • 5 extra leg skins
  • a repair kit with instructions



  • Instead of a lower leg you can also order a full leg to be connected to the hip of the SimMan.
  • Severe trauma or burns can be added to the leg for a more realistic in situ scenario
  • we can reconstruct a plastic manikin lower leg so it can be used for a compartment syndrome scenario. The leg has to be send to us



After the training session the leg can be washed with warm soapy water, dried with a towel or hairdryer and stored in a dust-free place. The cut skins can be repaired with the repair kit.