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Realistic skin-like silicone sleeve with a suturable slit wrist with velcro sides and backing fabric. The backing makes it easy to adjust the sizing and application. Many of our sleeves can be used in various places on the body or mannequin to fit many scenarios.

Size: 17 x 19 cm  

How to use MEDICFX Sleeves:

Apply the sleeve to the actor or sim mannequin. You can hide the edges with clothing or bandage, depending on the scenario.

Edges can also be blended away with FX Silicone or FX GEL.

This wound can be sutured with a round needle. After training carefully remove the stitches, without pulling. With careful use it can be sutured multiple times.

blood tube is inserted into the wound and can be attached to a bloodpump. The blood comes out of an embedded artery in the wound. Bruising with a bruisewheel can be added and easily removed from the skin and silicone.

This sleeve can be custom made in a variety of skin tones. Bloodlines can be inserted if desired and purchased additionally.

We recommend FX SILICONE BLOOD and Ben Nye Bruise wheels and Clean Grease & Dirt 


Care, repair & cleaning instructions

Silicone is very durable and has mesh embedded, this is to prevent any tearing. 

Do not overstretch the mesh sides as this may weaken the mesh around the velcro.

The silicone part can be washed with warm water and air-dried or by gently patting it dry with a towel.

The fabric backing can be washed in warm soapy water and dried flat. 

With much use silicon can get a little shiny, this can be helped by applying some translucent or baby powder.

Store this product clean and dry in a dark and cool environment.


All our sleeves are handmade and may have small imperfections and slight variations from our webshop image.