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Do you have only little time to change your simulation scenario to the next, or want to teach your students how to recognize or treat different skin conditions?

These stick on wounds are the easiest way to add more realism to your training. Easy, safe and fast to use. Always the same for continuity in production and can be used for birth defects or traumatic injuries.

The wounds on the image are not the right selection. Included are 3 bite marks, 2 hematoma, 1 scalding burn, 1 bruise, 1 animal scratch and 2 small cuts

Our stick on wounds are:

  • self adhesive, but  for better adherence they can be glued with FX gluegel.
  • can even be used on real babies and toddlers.
  • easy to apply and remove without leaving residue 
  • re-usable many times over
  • washable with warm water 

Add blood or extra puss where needed.

After cleaning and drying stack the wounds back on the plastic sheet to store away.