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Abdominal Model Flexible

‘Oh wow, this is very realistic’ – Prof. I. Civil, surgeon Auckland hospital

This full silicon abdominal model is developed in cooperation with NetworkZ in Auckland. It is used weekly for multiple scenarios, incorporating all disciplines in operating theatres. This model is flexible to fit on the lower half of manikins or a person. It is easy to attach and remove.

This particular model contains:

  • small parts of stomach,
  • liver and pancreas,
  • 2 kidneys of which one is connected to the IVC and can be removed,
  • 3/4 colon with caecum,
  • appendix and omentum.
  • Small intestine with mysentry.  
  • Aorta and a replaceable IVC with an inserted bloodline .

Many different surgical scenarios are possible with this model. The model has a thick super soft silicone belly skin that can be palpated, cut and sutured.

This product has been tried out and tested by experienced medical professionals. The full scenarios can be obtained through NetworkZ Auckland.

visit the below link for the video and set up instructions.

The basic model includes:

  • Abdominal base
  • 2 x belly skins
  • 1 x colon with healthy appendix and omentum
  • 1 x IVC with kidney attached / no blood flow
  • 1 x IVC without Kidney and bleeder openings
  • 1 x small bowels with snaps to attach to colon and stomach
  • 500 ml blood lubricant
  • Repair kit
  • Instruction booklet
  • Travel suit case
Dimensions: L40cm x W40cm x D20cm 
Weight: approx. 10 kg
Materials: platinum silicone, silicone tubing and plastic attachments

The abdominal model will be delivered in a small suitcase.

Extra organs, like female reproductive organs, or organs with defects/problems, like tumors or bleeding, can be ordered to fit many different scenarios and training opportunities. Please send your request or scenario per email for a customized quotation.

More belly-skins (MSURG055) can be ordered on our website. 

This abdominal model can also be decked out as a emergency C-section model. Additional products like the large pregnant belly ( code MO706), the uterus (MO710) and baby Libby (MO811) are needed for this scenario.

All instructions for set up, usage and cleaning are included with the product.


MedicFX warrants that the product supplied will be of good quality and reasonably fit for the purposes mentioned in the descriptions. All products that are faulty or damaged need to be notified with photos of the damage, within a weeks time after receiving the product. Any damage , due to fabrication , can be replaced, repaired or refunded.

All silicone parts of the model can be repaired multiple times by following the instructions of the included repair kit.

MedicFX offers a repair service on the silicone parts of your model. With normal use no rips, tears or leaks should occur, but if it does happen we will repair it for free. 

Deliberate cuts in belly skins, base model and organs can be repaired too but will have some cost involved. Please send an email with specifications of the damage to get a quote for the repair cost. To use our service please send the model back in the suitcase, or for smaller parts just in a box, with a spec sheet of the damage. 

If the repairs are under warranty the shipping costs will be reimbursed. For all other repairs the return shipping costs are included in the repair invoice.

Contact for orders or info and cost. can be contacted for more information about scenarios and courses.