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MSURG050 Abdominal Model Flexible

‘Oh wow, this is very realistic’ – Prof. I. Civil, surgeon Auckland hospital


The full silicon abdominal model is a highly realistic and versatile tool designed for use in medical training. Developed in collaboration with NetworkZ in Auckland, it is used weekly by operating theater teams of all disciplines to simulate a wide range of surgical scenarios.

The model is flexible and can be attached to the lower half of manikins or even to a person, making it easy to use in a variety of settings. It features a thick, super soft silicon belly skin that can be palpated, cut, and sutured, allowing for realistic hands-on training.

The model includes a range of internal organs, including a stomach, liver, and pancreas, as well as two kidneys, one of which can be removed. It also has a 3/4 colon with caecum, appendix, and omentum, as well as small intestine with mesentery. The aorta and replaceable IVC come with a bloodline inserted, and additional bloodlines can be added for even more realistic training.

This model has been tested by experienced medical professionals and is highly durable and reliable. For more information, including video demonstrations and setup instructions, visit the link provided above. The model is delivered in a convenient suitcase for easy transportation.

Additionally, more organs with defects and problems can be added to the model to provide even more training opportunities. Additional belly skins can also be ordered to extend the life of the model.


Whats Included:
  • Abdominal base
  • backing Veltex fabric
  • 2 x belly skins
  • 1 set of bowels and colon and omentum
  • Replaceable apendix
  • 1 x IVC with kidney attached / no blood flow
  • 1 x IVC without Kidney and bleeder openings
  • 500 ml blood lubricant
  • Repair kit
  • Instructions for use
  • small suitcase for transport

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