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Baby Natalie is a full Soft silicone Sim baby with a super realistic newborn look. Being a birthing baby she is flexible enough to fold into a pregnant belly or uterus and durable enough to withstand c-sections or vaginal birthing. The baby has lungs and can be intubated and ventilated with visible chest rise. Her mouth and nose can be cleaned out. Her umbilical stump has 3 bloodlines and blood can be taken from it. (Blood needs to be inserted before each use.)

Each baby is unique in coloring and has eyelashes and hair. Since the hair is very vulnerable it is wetted down with silicone to create the newborn wet look

Training possibilities:

  • Normal or emergency C-section training.
  • Vaginal birthing in many different models of birthing manikins 
  • Intubation and ventilation, with visible chest rise, is possible with bag or ventilator 
  • Taking blood from umbilical vein
  • The baby with placenta can be placed in breach position inside the Belly/ Uterus to train difficult births.
  • Training for new parents to learn how to bathe and dress their baby

Natalie weighs in at 3200 gram and her length is 50 cm with a head circumference of 37 cm. She can be washed, bathed, dried and powdered and comes with new clothes in size 0000 and a care kit, consisting of baby powder, baby shampoo and a dummy.