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Premature baby manikin with gastrochisis

Libby is made with high grade Silicone and has a super realistic look. She has eye lashes and punched in hair which is wet down. This version of Libby has gastrochisis and is a perfect model for training nurses and parents how to care for a baby with a complication like this.

The inflatable lungs are accessible through a tube inserted in her throat. A ventilation tube can be inserted in this tube and get a visible chest rise. This manikin is uniquely hand painted by our expert artists.  

This baby can be used for new parents training, or nurse training to care for babies with gastrochicis.


  • soft wrap and hat.
  • body suit and pacifier
  • care kit with shampoo and baby powder

Dimensions: length 42 cm, weight 1440 gram. Head circumference 24 cm