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Large pregnant belly full term in sturdy silicon, complete with vulva, pubic hair and urethra opening.

Fits on Laerdal SimMan and other similar manikins or standard patient. This belly has a very flexible spot where the incision will be made. It can stretch up without tearing.

The belly has a sturdy fabric backing to keep the belly in place even while standing up. It has Velcro attachments on the sides, so the backing can be completely taken off for cleaning.

Baby Natalie can be inserted in the uterus together with the placenta and the whole unit sits inside the belly skin. Both belly skin and uterus can be cut to release the baby.
included is:

  • the pregnant belly with stretchy spot
  • baby Natalie MO820 with clothes and care kit.
  • uterus MO710
  • placenta and detachable umbilical cord MO722
  • 500 ml lubrication fluid
  • Repair kits for skin and uterus. ( MedicFX provides repair services at low cost)

Suitable for normal C-section training with inserted uterus with baby Natalie..The cuts in the belly and uterus can be repaired with the medicfx silicon repair kits.


Cleaning and storage.

After the training the backing can be taken off and the belly rinsed under the hot tap. Also the uterus, baby and placenta can be rinsed off.

Dry all models thoroughly with paper towel and hair dryer. Store in a ventilated place out of sunlight