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This insert is created for the Laerdal ALS manikin which has a cavity in the lower belly when the original parts are removed.

The insert is easy to place inside with the vulva part to fit on the outside. A connecting tube (urethra) gives the opportunity for catheter training in a most realistic way.

The insert includes, bladder, female reproductive organs, colon and small bowel as well as membranes and blood vessels. It can be customised for many different scenarios, like laparoscopy, removal endometriosis or tumours.

The model can be washed and used many times over. The bellyskin can be repaired or replaced.

Delivered in plastic box
Included is :
1 x Abdominal insert
1 x Vagina attachment with opening for catheter 
1 x Belly skin with straps
Removable small bowels
Female reproductive organs
500ml blood lubricant
100 gram fatty tissue
Add-on for pregnant version:
Pregnant belly skin with vagina
Placenta and umbilical cord 
Baby Libby