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Easy to wear edema leg. Fits manikin or standard patient. Realistic looking and soft and squishy to touch.

Choose from colours: pale, tan, ruddy 

"Just wanted to say a massive thanks for your hard work on the legs. They are beyond awesome and are going to be a great asset to our teaching resources. Thanks again."
Kate Graham

instructions for use
For manikin use open the zip completely. Wrap around leg and zip up. Attach Velcro on the foot part and wrap around the foot of the manikin.
For personal use it is easier not to open the zip completely. Slip the leg over the foot and stretch in place. Close the zipper. Wrap the Velcro around the foot and attach the foot part of the appliance.
When the thick part of the leg is pushed with a finger, the dent will slowly come back up again.
The leg appliance can be sponged off or rinsed under the tap. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before packing away. Store in a dark cool place.