Made to order | Made in New Zealand | By SPFX artists


MW910 Cosmetic Kicho

  Cosmetic female 40+ face designed for training in Botox and Fillers. 

Multi layered soft, high grade Silicone head with a super realistic look. She has eyebrows, eye lashes and a full head of hair. A hard foam core keeps the head easy to transport and practical to use.

Kicho has eyes and rubber teeth. Her skin is matched in realistic thickness to a human face.

She is hand painted by our expert artists.


Included accessories: 

  • Adjustable clamp
  • Marker
  • Alcohol wipes 
  • Translucent powder & brush
  • Carry bag


You may inject the Kicho model with syringes.

Drawing on the model can be done with permanent or surgical markers. 

Eyes can be opened for pupil alignment.

The model comes with teeth and you can feel inside the mouth for the thickness of cheeks.  

The skin is soft, pliable and pinchable.

You may want to lubricate the mouth and/ or eyes for added realism. 



Based on a real female head

The circumference of the head is 55cm

59cm around the nose part

Height is 28cm X 18cm wide X 20cm deep



Care instructions:

Please treat her face as you would do any real human face.

Do NOT prod eyeballs, pull on lashes, eyebrows or teeth.


Store the face out of direct sunlight and in a cool environment.


You can brush the hair, but stay away from the very edge as these areas have been hairpunched and are fragile.


For lubrication in eyes and mouth you can use a little soapy water or personal lubricant.


As Silicone is an oil based product, it may become a little shiny over time. Wipe off any oily residue with Isopropyl Alcohol. Dry with hairdryer. You can use the included translucent powder [cosmetic loose powder] and brush this over shiny areas.

Keep away from lips and eyes as we like to keep those glossy.


You can insert needles, silicone tends to seal itself. Only after excessive needling on the very same spot the silicone may need some repair.


If, in the most unlikely case, you might need to repair the face, this can be done with a Silicone Repair kit.


You can draw on the face with the included marker. Clean the markings with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, as soon as possible, do not leave the markings on for long periods of time. 

You may want to use another marker, but try this out first on the back of the neck to check if it leaves any stains.


The face can be washed with warm soapy water and disinfected with Iso Alcohol.

If necessary the hair can be washed with warm water and a little shampoo/ conditioner, dry with a hairdryer on a low setting. Do not style the hair with hot items; the curls will restore when the hair is dry


We recommend not to inject liquids in the face as this may get trapped and may cause molding over time. If needed to inject fluid use isopropyl alcohol and try to retract as much as possible after the training session



MEDICFX warrants that the products supplied will be of good quality and reasonably fit for the purpose(s) mentioned in the descriptions. All products that are faulty or damaged need to be notified, with a photo of the damage, within a week after receiving the products. If the damage or fault is due to fabrication, the faulty product can be returned and repaired, replaced or refunded.
MEDICFX offers a 6 month warranty on the silicone parts of your model. With normal, gentle use no rips or tears should occur. There is no warranty on hairwork