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This trainer can be used on a manikin or standard patient.

It consists of 4 layers:

  • skin layer
  • membrane
  • strapmuscles
  • trachea/ thyroid 

The cut is pre made and the edges are reinforced and suturable. Under the cut is an hematoma that can be filled with air or blood through the tube syringe system.

The top 2 layers , skin and membrane, can be sutured with a smooth round suturing needle.The lower layers can be inspected.

The neck can be washed under the tap with warm water and soap. Make sure the model is thoroughly dry before storing away in a ventilated dry place.

It is also possible to use this model in a surgical scenario with a full team, where the neck needs to be cut open to access the hematoma and stop the bleeding. After that scenario the cut neck can be repaired with the repair kit. The cut hematoma also needs to be repaired carefully so it can be inflated again for the next training.

The model can be used multiple times.