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Conan Obese Airway Management Trainer (CICO Scenario)

This stand-alone trainer simulates one of the toughest scenarios in airway management: the Can't Intubate, Can't Oxygenate (CICO) scenario in an obese patient with non-palpable anatomy.

The Conan Obese Airway Management Trainer is theonly high-fidelity front-of-neck access trainer of its kind. It uniquely simulates an obese patient with non-palpable anatomy requiring emergency front-of-neck access.




This model simulates a patient with:

  • Obesity

  • Poorly palpable neck anatomy

  • Grade 3-4 laryngoscopy view (Cormack-Lehane scale)

  • Difficulty with bag valve mask ventilation

This enables participants to train in front-of-neck access steps for patients with poorly palpable anatomy, along with the many other challenges associated with performing front-of-neck access in obese patients.

Practice most airway manoeuvres on this model, including:

  • Bag valve mask ventilation

  • Jaw thrust

  • Insertion of oropharyngeal airway adjuncts

  • Laryngeal mask insertion

  • Laryngoscopy

  • Extremely challenging intubation

Product Comes With:

  • Conan front-of-neck access model

  • 3 Neck skins (embedded mesh and 3 cut points)

  • 3 Tracheas

  • 2 Fatty tissue pads

  • 1 200g jar of Fatty tissue

  • 1 Skin repair kit

  • 1 Trachea repair silicone

  • (Blood lines or tumors can be embedded on request)


42 X 30 X 17cm 




Platsil silicone, synthetic hair

General Care Instructions:



Wash with warm soapy water

Pull on any hair

Disinfect with Isopropyl Alcohol

Brush hair roots

Dry thoroughly before storing

Store in direct sunlight

Wipe oily residue with Isopropyl Alcohol

Use talcum powder on shiny areas

Repair with Silicone Repair Kit (if needed, see instructional videos)


If, in the most unlikely case, you need to repair the model, this can be done with a Silicone Repair kit. For more information on how to repair your silicone model, check out our instructional videos on YouTube: MEDICFX NZ

Disclosure and Warranty

MEDICFX guarantees that all products supplied will uphold high standards of quality and will adequately serve the purpose(s) as specified in their descriptions. In the unlikely event of a product being faulty or damaged upon receipt, the customer must notify MEDICFX within one week, including a photo of the damage as evidence. If it is determined that the fault or damage was due to manufacturing, MEDICFX commits to either repair, replace, or refund the faulty product according to the customer's preference.

MEDICFX provides a six-month warranty specifically for the silicone parts of your model. Under normal, gentle usage, no rips or tears should occur. Please note, however, that the hairwork on our models is not covered under this warranty.

As each face has been hand painted, there may be slight variations. Hair may vary slightly depending on availability.