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Big Clint is a truck driver from Hokatika. He was driving around with a huge tumour in his neck. The other day he collapsed on his way home. Bystanders found out Clint has trouble breathing, suspected there was a blockage of the airway and called 911. Big Clint was raced to the hospital for emergency surgery to his neck.

Full silicon practice model for Aneasthesy. The blue plastic trachea tube is replaceable and the neck can be glued back close after the practice round or be replaced.

Delivered in plastic box
Included are :
Big Clint Base
5 extra neck skins
10 membranes
500 gram fatty tissue
Repair kit

Optional is a large neck tumour with connection to bloodpump.

 Check out the instruction video for this product.


I also wanted to give some feedback regarding this model. We use this to teach CICO rescue to the registrars for impalpable neck anatomy and it is great! I squirt liquid paraffin in the neck space as the registrars make the initial incision to simulate blood and the slipperiness that follows. Myself and a few other consultants who have done CICO rescue on sheep have found that this is a great model to teach and learn. We have had great feedback from the registrars who have used this model.

Kind regards,

Dr Faith Crichton, Consultant Anaesthetist, Supervisor of Training