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SALE item. This is an older model and replaced.This traumatic amputation is designed for military simulation purposes. It can be worn by standard patients with a real high amputated leg. It is made with full realistic silicone and has a hard broken femur showing and 2 bloodlines embedded.

For a leg to be used on a manikin check out MORS250

How to use the leg:

  • Fit the prosthetic around the leg stump. If it is too small for the stump to fit, you can try cutting out more silicone. If it is too big there is no problem.
  • Melt the FX gel according to the instructions on the package, making sure it doesn’t get too hot.
  • Poor the liquid gel in the prosthetic leg and push it around the stump.
  • Leave to set. This may take 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Feel if the prosthetic is secure. If it stays put it is fine to use.
  • If the prosthetic slips off you need to glue it with the sticky glue. Follow instructions on the jar.
  • The leg is quite heavy and not meant to use standing up. It will need to be supported. 
  • Connect the tube to a bloodpump (not included)
  • Blood and dirt can be added on the stump where needed.

This product includes:

  • The prosthetic leg stump
  • 200 gram GelFX
  • Jar with sticky glue

Cleaning and repair:

To clean just rinse the prosthetic inside and out under the tap with warm water to remove all the blood. Dry the stump thoroughly before storing away in a dust free place.

Silicone can get a bit oily. If that happens just wipe the product with some isopropyl alcohol and powder it off with translucent powder.

Silicone is a sturdy material that can last a long time. Most issues can easily be repaired with a repair kit.

Information about repairing silicone can be found on our blog pages here.