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MP350 De-Gloved Hand & Thumb

Silicon STICK-ON wounds to be used on manikin or person. The skinned hand can be caused by freezing or burning.

  • self-adhesive, but for an even better adherence apply with FX glue gel.
  • easy to apply and remove without leaving residue 
  • re-usable many times over
  • washable with warm water 


How to use this product:

  • CLEAN the palm of the hand and thumb with alcohol.
  • Carefully take off the appliances and stick to the hand.
  • If both appliances are used on one hand trim the adjoining edges to fit. Blend all edges with  GelFX if needed.
  • Add soot or blood where needed. Remove by peeling off gently and clean skin with oily product. 

Add blood, pus, fx make-up, dirt, and soot where needed.

Care instructions:

  • Clean with warm soapy water, disinfect with Iso Alcohol
  • After cleaning and drying place the wounds back on the plastic sheet
  • Do not use any powders on the sticky side, as it will prevent sticking.
  • Store in a dark, cool, and dustfree place.

For more application information check out our How-To page.