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Preemie Patrick

This sale item is an older model of the Preemie Patrick. It has all the organs and comes with 2 extra skin covers. This was our initial trial version.

MedicFX and Starship hospital in Auckland have worked together to develop a manikin specific to a neonatal team training scenario: Necrotising Enterocolitis (NEC) 

Patrick is a 25/40 gestation neonate which can be used for many scenario’s relating to pre-term babies.

"Premmie Patrick has realistic internal organs, there is separation between abdomen and thoracic cavities to allow for abdominal distension and an inlet into the abdomen which allows for air or fluid to be inserted.

While Preemie Patrick is visually realistic, as a static manikin it cannot provide the physiological information that clinicians require ( respiratory rate, heart rate, cardiac rhythm, SpO2, ETCO2, CVP and pulses). This deficit is countered with the contribution of high-fidelity virtual monitoring using the Laerdal LLEAP software.

 Starship clinicians from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Anaesthesia, Surgery and the Starship Operating Rooms recognised the need for team training in providing care to these fragile neonates and created a scenario of Fulminant Necrotising Enterocolitis (NEC) requiring Laparotomy in NICU.

This scenario required a surgical manikin with specific features including discoloured section of abdominal wall and bowel. Premmie Patrick cannot be intubated but he does oscillate well, so he commences the scenario with an ETT in place and is oscillated. "

Trish Woods, Starship hospital Auckland

Preemie Patrick is made with soft silicone that feels like real skin. He has punched-in soft eyebrows and lashes. He has a natural chest rise with inflatable lunges. He can be ordered in 2 different colors light skin or transparent red.

After use, the skin can be glued back together or replaced. All the organs can be replaced when damaged. Bloodlines, veins, and IV lines can be inserted where needed.