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MO813 Baby Lulu preemie birthing baby

Realistic birthing baby with detachable umbilical cord and placenta.

Premature female Sim baby. Gestation approx: 32 weeks 

Lulu is made with high-grade Silicone and has a super realistic look. The baby is extremely soft and flexible. She has eye lashes and punched in hair. Lulu can be bagged and ventilated with visible chest rise.

 Her umbilical stump has 3 bloodlines and a 5 ml reservoir is embedded inside the belly. Blood can be inserted before each use to allow umbilical cannulation/  vein catheterization. 

This product includes:

  • Realistic Silicone baby
  • Attachable umbilical cord and placenta
  • Bodysuit and pacifier, soft wrap and hat.
  • Care kit with shampoo and baby powder
  • storage display bag 

How to use this baby model:

Her inflatable lungs are accessible through trachea inserted in her throat. A ventilation tube can be inserted to get a visible chest rise. The umbilical cord is soft and attached to the placenta which is equally soft and visually realistic. After inserting some blood through the umbilical stump, the umbilical cord needs to be covering the stump and tied with a piece of string. This will keep the blood in place during the birthing. When born the cord can be cut by cutting the string that holds the cord together.

This baby can be used for all birthing scenarios and fits perfectly in our uterus and medium size pregnant belly, and most other “mum” manikins and trainers.

 To 'birth' this baby she needs to be thoroughly lubricated with water based lubricators or liquid shampoo/ conditioner 



Length 42 cm, Head circumference 24 cm


1.44kg. Total weight with the plastic storage case 3 kg.


Platinum Silicone, Mohair

Care instructions:

  • Treat the baby as you would a real preemie. Don't pull on arms or legs or punched in hair.
  • Lulu can be washed under the hot tap and cleaned with alcohol if needed.
  • Don't immerse the baby in water as it will fill up the lungs.
  • Dry the baby with soft towel and hairdryer before storing it away
  • If the silicone gets a bit shiny/oily wipe with Iso alcohol and powder off with baby powder
  • Models can be repaired with our FX Silicone Repair Kit. For more information on how to repair your silicone appliance, check our instructional video here.



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MEDICFX offers a 6-month warranty on the silicone parts of your model. With normal, gentle use no rips or tears should occur. There is no warranty on hair-work.

All our babies are handmade and may have small imperfections and slight variations from our webshop image.