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MB810 Burn Victim

A complete set, perfect for your burn scenario on an SP or Manikin

Our burn victim has been made with soft, skin-like silicone with embedded mesh for added strength. The back of the torso has velcro and separate backing fabric. The backing fabric makes it easy to adjust the sizing and application.

This product includes:

  • Burned Torso MS310
  • Face overlay MM446
  • Long burned arm sleeve MB210
  • Sheet with stick-on burn wounds MP011

All parts can be used together or separately on various victims.

You can order the Victim as a one-piece model with the torso and face attached fitting on a crash Kelly or ALS manikin from Laerdal. 

The body can be ordered in medium burns or full charred fire burns or explosion burns. All parts will be matching for the burn victim.

How to use MEDICFX products:

  • Adhere the Veltex backing fabric to the velcro on one side of the Silicone piece, then wrap around the skin of the SP or manikin. 
  • Apply the sleeve to the actor or manikin. 
  • The facial overlay can be worn by an SP but has been created for the Sim man
  • You can hide edges with clothing or bandage, matching the scenario.
  • Soot powder can be added and easily removed from the skin and silicone.
  • Find additional information on application and care  here.


MEDICFX products, are created with a very soft and durable Silicone with a mesh backing. They are designed to fit most SP and some Manikins. Each product has been hand-painted by our FX artists, to create an original and realistic design.


fitted to 3G Sim man




Platinum Silicone, mesh backing, Velcro, Veltex backing fabric

Care instructions:

  • The fabric backing can be washed in warm soapy water and dried flat.
  • The silicone can be washed with warm soapy water and disinfected with Iso Alcohol.
  • You can use talc powder to mattify shiny areas.
  • Dry thoroughly with a soft towel or hairdryer.
  • Store this product clean and dry in a dark and cool environment.


MEDICFX warrants that the products supplied will be of good quality and reasonably fit for the purpose(s) mentioned in the descriptions. All products that are faulty or damaged need to be notified, with a photo of the damage, within a week after receiving the products. If the damage or fault is due to fabrication, the faulty product can be returned and repaired, replaced, or refunded.

MEDICFX offers a 6-month warranty on the silicone parts of your model. With normal, gentle use no rips or tears should occur. There is no warranty on hair-work.

All our sleeves are handmade and may have small imperfections and slight variations from our webshop image.