Made to order | Made in New Zealand | By SPFX artists



The most realistic and practical silicone face to transform your Sim-man for more engaging simulation training.

MEDICFX facial overlays, add realism in your simulation training. Making scenarios more believable and engaging. It also assists with overcoming age, gender and racial bias and problem solving.

MEDICFX facial overlays are created with a very soft and durable Silicone. Most of them are designed on the Laerdal SimMan 3-G but can fit other Manikins. We also have faces created specifically for other manikins. You can find that in the description. Our facial overlays can be worn by Standard Patient as well, depending a little on the face shape of the wearer. 

Each face has been handpainted by our FX artists, to create an original and realistic design. Most face overlays can be recreated quite similar but sometimes we have a totally unique face with an interesting wig or different facial features or wounds. Those faces are one offs and you are lucky to find one. When sold they disappear from the website.