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How to use MedicFX appliances with Velcro attachments

1- choose an appliance in the right size and skin colour to match your SP or manikin.

2- Fit the appliance around the chosen limb. It should fit snug and comfortable. Adhere the soft Velcro backing to one side of the skin piece, wrap it around the skin

3- When desired a piece of tubing can be placed under the appliance for a bloodline. Make small an opening in the silicone
where the blood needs to appear and feed the tube through. Secure the bloodline with tape to
the back of the appliance where it can be attached to a blood pump or syringe system.

All appliances can be ordered with bloodlines. Warranty will be invalid when inserting holes yourself.

4- MedicFX silicone appliances can be coloured with grease or alcohol paints. These paints will 
not stay permanently and can be removed.

5- Blood can be added to the appliance. Water based blood tends to bead up on the silicone. Add a little dishwashing liquid to the blood to avoid beading.

6- The appliances can be treated as the real wounds they simulate. They can be taped, 
bandaged and cleaned with warm/ cold water and alcohol. Some wounds can also be cut 
open and sutured back together.

7- After use, take off the appliance and wash it under a lukewarm tap. Dry with cloth or paper
towel and a hairdryer for deeper, difficult to reach areas. Lightly powder the appliance with 
baby or talc powder before storing it in plastic box or bag. 
Store in a dark place away from sunlight.

8- If treated right MedicFX appliances will last many exercises. They are all made with sturdy 
silicone and imbedded mesh that wont break or tear. 
Larger appliances can be repaired and repainted. For more information on how to repair your silicone appliance, check our instructional video here.