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MO750 Wearable C-section model

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Imagine doing a C-Section delivery with real mother interaction!

This Super realistic C-section model can be used on  a broad range of manikins and worn by standard patients (SP) alike. The model is made with sturdy high quality silicone and can be  positioned around the  manikin or SP  belly with comfortable wide straps.  The model consists of a base, with intestines, superior/inferior vena cava and a bladder. The cavity  accommodates  a uterus with small at term baby(Aiden), placenta and a shortened  umbilical cord.  The model is covered with a pregnant belly skin, complete with  realistic  striae and vulva.

Baby Aiden is a small full term(38-40 WK)  infant manikin that can fit inside the uterus.  Baby Aidencan beventilated using a bag valve mask,supporting visible chest rise.

Theuterus is a fully flexible silicone bag. After baby Aiden andthe placenta are inserted, the uterus needs to be  sealed  offwith theuse  of  a cable tie.

For more information about individualcomponents pleasevisit, Baby Aiden MO870, Placenta MO720, Uterus MO710

What is included:

  • The abdominal cavity with back strap
  • Baby Aiden
  • Uterus
  • Placenta and umbilical cord
  • 500 ml lubricant
  • Repair kit with 2 colours
  • Instruction manual
  • Small carry-on suitcase

What are the training options with this model:

  • SP normal C-sectionsimulationsupportingtwo-waycommunication between mother andclinicians, or role play participants (confederates)
  • Perimortem c-section with use of a manikin (horizontal incisions only)
  • Urinary catheterisation
  • Postnatal infant care
  • Silicone belly skin and the uterus can beincised, sutured and repairedpost use

Safety measures

To ensure the safety ofan SP during a simulated scenario while wearing the C-Section model,most types ofclothing orgarmentsmay be worn under the model. (We recommend skin coloured leggings or slimwear).Risk to the SP isnegligibledue to thedensity of thetrainer’s structures, however,theC section intervention should always be performedfollowing appropriate clinicalpractice guidelines.

Additional training optionsmay beaccommodatedby orderingother essentialanatomical or gynaecologicalfeatures:

  • Vaginal birthing
  • Cord collapse
  • Bleeding at incision site
  • Peri mortem c-section (vertical and horizontal incisions)
  • Postpartumhaemorrhage with inserted bloodlines
  • Bakri balloon use
  • Birth defects like spina bifida, cleft lip etc
  • Premature partum
  • Alternativetraining scenarios can beaccommodatedsuch astumourinvestigation (biopsy) orappendectomy investigation,including surgicalprocedures,as well asmanagement ofpost-partumhaemorrhage (PPH)

This product can be personalised for your specific trainingneeds. Please reach out and contact us to discussthe possibilities and get a quote for your personalised C- section model that fits you sim centre or team.

Care instructions:

  • Do NOT pull on any hair [if applicable], and be gentle cleaning the model. As Silicone is an oil-based product, it may become a little shiny over time. Wipe off any oily residue with Isopropyl Alcohol. Dry with a hairdryer.
  • You can use talc powder to mattify shiny areas.
  • The silicone can be washed with warm soapy water and disinfected with Iso Alcohol.  
  • Dry thoroughly with a soft towel or hair dryer.
  • Make sure all blood is removed from the blood tubes and avoid the use of sweet syrup-based blood. Store this product clean and dry in a dark and cool environment.
  • The belly skin and the uterus can be repaired with the included FX Silicone Repair Kit. For more information on how to repair your silicone appliance, check our instructional video online.


This is a unique product of MedicFX New Zealand