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SALE - Left Toddler Arm with Bloodline - Light

NEW Improved model with easier replacement vein tubes.

Realistic little Toddler arm with embedded circular bloodline for IV training.This Pediatric IV training arm is great for training to take blood, insert IV's, give injections or for vaccination purposes.

The arm is made with super-soft silicone with a curved silicone tube embedded. The veins are not visible but they can be felt through the skin. Practice IV insertion or taking blood.

This product comes with

  • Pediatric IV training arm
  • Syringe
  • Squirt Blood 50ml
  • Storage box

Can be re-used many times.

How to use the Pediatric IV training arm:

  • Disconnect one side of the tube from the connector remove the air out of the tube. 
  • Fill the tube with thin blood, and reconnect the tube.
  • Add pressure with the syringe
  • When using thin needles the holes close up by itself.

This model will not have enough pressure to achieve backflow when inserting the needle. Too much pressure on the vein may cause previous punctures to leak.

 The MEDICFX Pediatric IV training arm is created with a very soft and durable Silicone.

No warranty on sale items, bought as is.