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Spare Belly skins for the ABDOMINAL MODEL FLEXIBLE

The skins are made with high quality silicone and have a very realistic appearance.

They exist out of 3 layers; skin layer, yellow soft fat layer and red muscle layer. The skin can be cut and clamped using normal surgical instruments. It can be sutured with a round needle, to prevent fraying, and even staplers can be used, all though that will shorten the lifespan of the belly. The fat layer is soft and a bit sticky to touch with gloves so lubrication is essential. We recommend liquid soap as it is easy to remove afterwards and cleans the skin in one go.

After use the skins need to be washed and dried before  they can be repaired with the use of a repair kit. Just follow the instructions in the kit or check out our repair page

Packs of 1 or 5 skins available.


MedicFX warrants that the product supplied will be of good quality and reasonably fit for the purposes mentioned in the descriptions. All products that are faulty or damaged need to be notified with photos of the damage, within a weeks time after receiving the product. Any damage , due to fabrication , can be replaced, repaired or refunded.

This model can be repaired multiple times by following the instructions of the included repair kit.

MedicFX offers a repair service on the silicone parts of your model. With normal use no rips on the sides should occur, but if it does happen we will repair it for free. 

Deliberate cuts in belly skins can be repaired too but will have some cost involved. $30 for 1 belly repair or $120 for 5 bellies.  To use our service please send the bellies back in a plastic box with your company/ hospital name and contact details. 

If the repairs are under warranty the shipping costs will be reimbursed. For all other repairs the return shipping costs are included in the repair invoice.