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This traumatic amputation was designed for military simulation purposes. It can be worn by standard patients with no real amputations. It is made with full silicone and has 1 bloodline embedded.

How to use the arm:

  • Fit the prosthetic around the shoulder. 
  • Melt the FX glue gel according the instructions on the package, making sure it doesn’t get too hot.
  • Brush the liquid gel in the prosthetic  and push it around the shoulder.
  • Leave to set. This may take 5 minutes.
  • Feel if the prosthetic is secure. If it stays put it is fine to use.
  • Secure the strap around the upper body to keep the shoulder in place. Tie the real arm at the back.
  • wear a loose fitting shirt to conceal the real arm.
  • Connect the tube to the syringe filled with blood Mix
  • Blood and dirt can be added on the stump where needed.

This product includes:

  • The prosthetic arm stump
  • Jar with sticky glue
  • a large syringe
  • 250 ml squirt blood/soap

Cleaning and repair:

To clean just rinse the prosthetic inside and out under the tap with warm water to remove all the blood. Dry the stump thoroughly before storing away in a dust free place.

Silicone can get a bit oily . If that happens just wipe the product with some isopropyl alcohol and powder it of with translucent powder.

Silicone is a sturdy material that can last a long time. Most issues can easily be repaired with a repair kit.

Information about repairing silicone can be found on our blog pages


This is a MedicFX product. Made in New Zealand