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This full silicon upper leg can be attached to the Laerdal 3-G simman. It shows a traumatic amputated leg with broken femur and 2 bloodlines.

Full scenarios and information about the performance of this legstump is available from NetworkZ in Auckland.

How to use the leg:

  • Take off the leg of the Simman and replace it with the traumatic stump.
  • Connect the tube to a bloodpump (not included)
  • Blood and dirt can be added on the stump where needed.

This product includes:

  • The prosthetic leg
  • 500 ml squirt blood

Cleaning and repair:

To clean just rinse the prosthetic inside and out under the tap with warm water to remove all the blood. . Dry the stump thoroughly before storing away in a dust free place.

Silicone can get a bit oily . If that happens just wipe the product with some isopropyl alcohol and powder it of with translucent powder.

Silicone is a sturdy material that can last a long time. Most issues can easily be repaired with a repair kit.

Information about repairing silicone can be found on our blog pages.

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