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MedicFX New Zealand



This fat neck trainer is suitable for a full team simulation training where an obese  patient has to undergo a tracheotomy. It can be used on a manikin or standard patient.

The model consists of 4 layers:

  • The small, replaceable neck skin can be cut to give access to the
  • Underplaying membrane ,
  • Strap muscles and
  • Trachea with cartilage and thyroid gland.
The Trachea is obscured by a thick layer of fatty tissue. 

The fatty tissue is full silicone and can be cut in smaller pieces to insert in the model. After use the neck can be washed under the tap. To prevent sticking to fingers or other areas use a lubricant or petroleum jelly. Extra realism can be obtained by pushing blood  through the tube insert under the skin part.

The neck skin and the trachea can be repaired after the training by using the included repair kit. Just follow the instructions ion the pack or watch the video about repairing silicone on our YouTube channel.

The model can be used multiple times. Included are 3 extra neck-skins and 3 extra trachea. Extra consumables can be ordered at MedicFX