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MO811 BABY LIBBY newborn preemie

Premature female baby manikin. Gestation approx: 32 weeks 

 Libby is made with high grade Silicone and has a super realistic look. She has eye lashes and punched in hair which is wet down. She is a birthing baby with detachable umbilical cord and placenta.

Her inflatable lungs are accessible through a tube inserted in her throat. A ventilation tube can be inserted in this tube and get a visible chest rise.

The umbilical cord is soft and attached to the placenta which is equally soft an visually realistic. The baby is attached with plastic domes to the umbilical cord so can easily be separated.

The manikin is uniquely hand painted by our expert artists.  

This baby can be used for all birthing scenarios and fits perfectly in our uterus and medium size pregnant belly, and most “mum” manikins and trainers.

 To 'birth' this baby she needs to be thoroughly lubricated with water based lubricators or liquid soap/ shampoo


  • Umbilical cord and placenta
  • soft wrap and hat.
  • body suit and pacifier
  • care kit with shampoo and baby powder

Dimensions: length 42 cm, weight 1440 gram. Head circumference 24 cm

Care instructions:

Treat the baby as you would a real preemie. Don't pull on arms or legs. Silicone is very durable, it is not likely to rip , but better be cautious.

Libby can be washed under the hot tap and cleaned with alcohol if needed.

Don't immerse the baby in water as it will fill up the lungs.

Dry the baby with towel/ paper and hairdryer and powder off before storing away

If the silicone gets a bit shiny/oily wipe with Iso alcohol and powder off with babypowder