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This full silicon abdominal model is developed in cooperation with NetworkZ in Auckland. It is used weekly for multiple scenarios, incorporating all disciplines in operating theatres. The model has a hard casing to fit on the lower half of the Laerdal SimMan torso. It can also be fitted on other manikins or a person.

This particular model contains small parts of stomach, liver and pancreas, 2 kidney of which one can be removed, 3/4 colon with ceacum, appendix and omentum. Small intestine with mysentry, aorta and replaceable IVC with a blood line inserted. Other bloodlines can be added..

Many different surgical scenarios are possible with this model. The model has a thick silicon belly skin that can be cut and sutured.

This product has been tried out and tested by experienced medical professionals. The full scenarios can be obtained through NetworkZ Auckland.

visit below link for video and set up instructions.

The abdo model will be delivered in a hard carry case.

Included is :
Abdominal base
2 x belly skins
1 x colon with healthy appendix
1x colon with septic appendix 
1 x tumour with blood line
1 x IVC with kidney attached / no blood flow
1 x IVC without Kidney and bleeder openings
1 x small bowels with snaps
1 x removable gallbladder
1 x removable gallbladder with stones
500 ml blood lubricant
250 gram fatty tissue
Attachment for bloodpump
Repair kit
Instructions for use


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