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Repair set with clear coloured silicone to repair silicone appliances.

includes : 2 part silicon, mixing cups, mixing sticks, mesh, tape, pins and instructions. Optional you can use a piece of hard foam as a pin board.

How to repair silicone cuts:

  • Clean the appliance with hot water and wipe the tear/cut down with alcohol.
  • Spread the appliance out on a flat surface. For a sleeve wrap it around a plastic bottle.
  • Place the sticky tape under the tear/ cut with the sticky side up, and push the sides close.
  • Mix the silicone as instructed, in the clear boxes. After the silicone is cured the residue can be taken out and the jar can be used again.
  • Spread the silicone inside the tear/ cut.
  • Push the sides together and use pins to keep it closed.
  • Leave for 1 hour or speed up time with a hot hairdryer.
  • Repeat if there still are holes or dents in the line.
  • For a more sturdy repair where the appliance needs to be stretched you can add a strip of mesh in the silicone at the back of the appliance
  • When cured powder off the repair with some clear powder