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How to look after your facial overlay

When properly cared for, a MedicFX facial overlay can last for years and be used in many simulations.

- The wigs are glued on with silicone and can be brushed or combed. To do that you put the face over a mannequin head or head stand. Hold one hand on top of the head and carefully brush starting at the bottom and working your way up.

- The hair can be washed with baby shampoo if needed but use a conditioner for easy brushing. The hair will dry in the same shape or curls. Don’t use straighteners or curlers on the hair.

- Facial hair is punched in and needs to be carefully handled. Pulling thick sweaters over the head may cause the hair loosen or fall out. Better to use button down shirts or put on the sweater before the facial overlay. Beards or eyebrows can be carefully brushed out with a tooth brush starting at the points of the hair.

- The Velcro attachment in the neck can grab into the elastic or the hair. To avoid that always close the velcro when handling or storing the overlay.

- If in any case a part of the wig or the backing elastic comes loose it can be easily glued back / repaired with a repair kit available from our webshop. Follow the instructions in the kit or on the website

- Don’t use silicone from a hardware store to repair your face overlay.  A small repair kit will last a long time.

If you have any questions about using the facial overlays and their care don’t hesitate to email